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Journalists in war zones. Osce representative recalls governments

They must protect the envoys and renounce propaganda, said Dunja Mijatović in Vienna, during the conference on the safety of journalists

From Vienna – “It takes courage,” the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović said. She repeated it several times, in Vienna, during the meeting “Journalists’ Safety, Media Freedom and Pluralism in Times of Conflict“, which focuses on the (underestimated) problem of the protection of journalists in Europe, particularly in areas where there are armed conflicts. The courage of journalists who risk their lives is not enough. Addressing the governments of the OSCE member states, they were invited to “look into the mirror and be more courageous, to take all necessary measures to protect journalists” that follow conflicts, so as to report to the public what is happening.

Some governments, which seem more interested in national security and propaganda that the protection of journalistic activities, should not “attempt to corrupt and manipulate the media for their own political agenda.” They should not do so because “without a courageous journalism there can be no democracy.”


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