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Lecce. Toxic wastes. Filed lawsuit against journalist of Telerama

Danilo Lupo reported the names of the alleged buryers of toxic wastes made to investigators by a cooperating witness. One of the accused denounced the reporter

The lawsuit for libel by Alessandro Musio against the journalist Danilo Lupo was filed on May 18th, 2015 by the judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Lecce, Alcide Maritati.
In January 2014 Musio had denounced the journalist because on November 21st 2013, in the TV show of inquiry L’Indiano, broadcast on Telerama, he named him along with other alleged perpetrators of the illegal disposal of toxic wastes.
The filing order states that Lupo’s in-depth report on the case of siltation of toxic waste in the municipality of Supersano “was aimed at the lawful exercise of the right to report, seeking to reconstruct the reality of facts, certainly in the public interest and reported objectively”.


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