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Naples. Three reporters pushed away from the exit of Public Prosecutor’s Office

They were waiting for the exit of Claudio Lotito, subjected to interrogation. Protest from the Order of Journalists

In a statement, the Order of Journalists of Campania denounced “strongly what happened on Friday, July 17th, 2015 outside the building of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples, where three journalists were identified and removed by the police while carrying out their job as reporters with punctuality since the Lazio football club president Claudio Lotito was being interrogated.”

The three reporters had their professional badges seized, only to be returned to them after half an hour.” A further unjustified act of arrogance on the part of the police force – the President of the Order Ottavio Lucarelli states – towards information.

The journalists, as Metropolis Web refers, were waiting outside the building of the Prosecutor and were waiting for the release of Lotito to inform the public opinion, which has in fact been prevented by the police. The Order makes an appeal to the leaders of the judiciary of Naples “so that light can be shed on the serious incident of this morning and guidelines are given to ensure the freedom of information in our city.”


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