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Montezemolo loses case against Dagospia for €2 million

The sentence handed down after four years was announced with jubilation from the website of Roberto D’Agostino. The former president of Ferrari will pay the legal expenses

From the newspaper Libero – “God exists and reads Dagospia”. This is how Dago gave the opening title of his website in which he rejoices of the victory in court against Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Indeed, the former president of Ferrari lost his lawsuit against the website started four years ago, when he accused Dago of a “smear campaign” against him.

Montezemolo’s request reached €2 million, but today the decision sentencec him “to refund the costs of the proceedings against Dagospia, liquidated for a total of €19,388, as prescribed by the law.”

According to the ruling, the passages for which Luca Cordero sued Dago, “represent the right to freedom of expressing ones thoughts, which are corollaries of the rights of the press and, above all, of criticism and satire, an aspect that is paramount and evident in all the writings mentioned.”


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