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Naples. Boss of ceremonies files lawsuit against politicians and journalists. Judge sends it to the archives

Antonio Polese, owner of La Sonrisa, had responded to a parliamentary inquiry that saw his large hotel close to the Camorra

On February 17, 2016, the judge for the preliminary investigations of Naples, Eliana Franco, has sent to the archives the libel lawsuit filed in 2014 by the famous Campanian hotelier and entrepreneur Antonio Polese against two journalists from Retenews 24, Gennaro Migliore, current Undersecretary for Justice, and against two other MPs who, along with Mr Migliore, signed off an inquiry deemed offensive by Polese. This was reported in an article in the Il Fatto Quotidiano.

During questioning, Mr Migliore and two other SEL MPs described how the resort complex Grand Hotel La Sonrisa, of which Mr Polese is the owner, was close to the Camorra. Retenews 24 had taken up the news in an article published on January 14, 2014, signed by Giampiero Esposito, a pseudonym behind which there was the journalist Pasquale Napolitano and another colleague who now no longer works for the news outlet. Polese deemed it offensive and filed lawsuit. The judge ruled that the MPs and the journalists who reported his statements have complied with the legal principles of the right to report and the right to political criticism.

“Unfortunately, those who do this job are forced to confront people who prefer to use lawsuits, instead of asking for corrections – Napolitano told Ossigeno – I hope that in the future there will be greater cooperation with us journalists.”


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