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Cagliari. Reporters closed inside fence to follow landing of migrants

Protests from the Order of Journalists of Sardinia, which expresses concern for the provisions set in by the Prefecture. Ten media workers from different agencies and newspapers involved

On 6 October 2016, the Order of Journalists of Sardinia protested for the conditions in which the reporters were forced to work to document the landing at the port of Cagliari of 1255 migrants destined to be sorted in the island’s shelters. There are ten in total, including journalists and cameramen, all fenced in a limited space, without any shelter, away from the point of docking space for ships, thereby making it difficult to take pictures, even with the telephoto and zoom. The journalists and operators work for ANSA (2), La Stampa (1), AGI (2), Associated Press (1), Unione Sarda (1), Rai (1) and Videolina (1). A photographer and a freelance.

“During the last landing – a press release of the Order of Journalists Sardinia, which expresses deep concerns for the restriction of press freedom, reads – two agents of the Police and two soldiers of the Captaincy were specifically dedicated to prevent any movement by journalists, to whom on previous occasions, and in the summer season, was also prevented to drink. The fears of the Prefecture of Cagliari for the role of information are hard to understand”. The ODG Sardinia also complained about a tightening of the Prefecture’s action “aimed at obstructing the work of colleagues.”

“Journalists who follow the migrants emergency are working in debilitating conditions and are exhausted – Luigi Almiento, ODG secretary declared to Ossigeno – We hope that the institutions will work to resolve these situation.”


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