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Web. Grillo attacks Federica Angeli and launches campaign #chiediscusa (#sayyouaresorry)

The reporter of La Repubblica criticized the M5S on Twitter after the discovery of an alleged bomb. The journalist lodged a complaint for incitement of hatred

On 8 October 2016, the journalist of La Repubblica Federica Angeli denounced Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Stars Movement, for incitement to hatred and violence, after the comments posted by dozens of militants of the comedian’s party and followed by the hashtag “#angelichiediscusa” (#angelisayyouaresorry).

The campaign was launched on social media precisely by Grillo who, on his blog, wrote a post against the journalist since – on October 6, 2016 – Angeli commented on her Twitter profile the story of the bomb found near the house of an assistant to the deputy mayor of the Capital, Daniele Frongia.

“The police denies this is an act of intimidation. He never told it to the mayor Raggi. Three stacks are tied by a thread. You don’t lie about these things” the journalist wrote.

Angeli received solidarity from UNCI (National Union of Italian reporters) and the FNSI. The leadership of the National Federation of the Press have defined “neither acceptable nor tolerable these attacks and insults. The right to criticize is sacrosanct. All must be allowed to differ with respect of a newspaper and what a reporter writes. One thing, however, is the criticism and dissent, another is the verbal aggression”.

The National Reporters Union reaffirmed “the urgent need to intervene with the law, increasing the defenses of those who are the target of the irresponsible, mystified and badly directed tribunal of the people of the web, and – it announced – it will be a promoter of an initiative on the matter”.

On the same evening of 6 October, the Rome police had made it clear that the bomb was devoid of ignition and explosive material, and that the police had “never talked about an act of intimidation”, as instead was reported by members of the M5S, who had demanded an apology from the reporter through the note.


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