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Pescara. Shoots video of dog trainer. Envoy “Striscia la Notizia” attacked

Edoardo Stoppa and his cameraman had gone to the scene to conduct a journalistic investigation on the matter. The video was aired on November 14

The envoy of Striscia la Notizia, Edoardo Stoppa, was attacked and threatened, along with his camereman, by the relatives of a man filmed while training two dogs for fighting.

The incident occurred in Montesilvano (in the province of Pescara) and the service was broadcast during the episode of 14 November 2016 for the satirical TV news cast of Canale 5. (see)

Stoppa had received a video documenting the training of dogs from a resident of the neighborhood. The envoy, with his cameraman, went on the scene for a journalistic investigation on the matter. Their presence aroused the reaction of the family of the man who appears in the video filmed by the citizien: they tried to snatch the camera from operator and, in a frantic scene, it is possible to hear a woman’s voice threatening the envoy: “I swear on my mother that I’ll make you pay. You’ll never climb the stairs again.”

The Carabinieri then arrived on the spot, having received a complaint for mistreatment of animals.


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