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Sports. Rome coach Mediaset reporter a liar

Luciano Spalletti accused during the press conference the journalist Marco Cherubini of having reported false information in an article. ODG and USSI intervened

On November 23, 2016, Luciano Spalletti, the head coach of AS Roma, attacked during the press conference the reporter from Mediaset Marco Cherubini, accusing him of being a liar and of having “reported false information about what happened during Atalanta-Roma and the substitution of Nainggolan with the aim of doubling the difficulties for Roma.”

This was reported in a statement by the Order of Journalists, which says to be worried about the affair, and hopes for a meeting with the president of the Italian coach association, Spalletti and the journalist.

“These are episodes that are repeated cyclically, not only in Rome, and that hurt the sacred right of the press to report and criticize, as enshrined in the Constitution and in the law on the organization of the profession – the ODG writes in a note. To classify as untrue and furthermore as malicious the reports of colleagues, in the specific case documented by television images, means not having proper respect of the roles and throwing mud at reporters who daily and properly inform readers and viewers.”

Solidarity with the reporter also came from USSI (Italian Sports Press Union)


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