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Brindisi. Journalist’s car tires slashed

She is Stefania De Cristofaro (Brindisi Report). For several months she has been following an investigation by the DIGOS unit on management of a subsidiary company owned by the City

Two tires of from the car of journalist Stefania De Cristofaro, who writes for the online newspaper Brindisi Report, have been slashed in the space of a week, probably with a knife. On 11 February 2017, the journalist filed a complaint at the police station in Brindisi for damages against unknown persons.

The first incident occurred on February 3, 2017, the second on February 10. The mechanic intervened to repair the damages found cuts.

“I thought it appropriate to report the facts considering the tense atmosphere that reigns in this period in Brindisi,” the reporter told Ossigeno, stating of not being able to imagine who it might have been.

The reporter received several statements of solidarity from the world of politics and local journalism.

De Cristofaro writes of white news and judicial reports. For several months she has been covering a company, Multiservizi, a subsidiary of the City Council, which came under investigation by the DIGOS unit of the police (read more).

On February 13, 2017, five alerts subpoenas for extortion and embezzlement were handed out (read more).


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