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Bologna. Banners at the stadium against journalists

Phrases “infamous journalists, get off our backs” were on display during the Bologna-Chievo game. ODG, USSI and GERGS Emilia Romagna intervened

la Repubblica on March 20th 2017 reported with photos (watch) on a banner which appeared on Sunday, March 19 2017 at the Dall’Ara stadium in Bologna during the football game of the Serie A league between Bologna and Chievo. On the banner displayed by some fans in the stands, a clear direct message to reporters appeared: “infamous journalists, news blackout tomorrow”, “Soccer and Bologna unique passions, reporters get off our backs”. ODG Emilia Romagna, USSI and Emilia Romagna Group of Sports Journalists took a tough position and wrote to the superintendent of Bologna to demand greater attention so that no similar incidents will happen again.


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