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Ossigeno: Universities must train monitors to observe violations of press freedom

Schools which teach pupils to read road signs in order to cross the road safely should also teach about  the right to inform and to be informed. Until schools do that it will be difficult to obtain pluralistic, accurate non-divisive information and as a consequence it will be difficult for citizens to reach political choices in a calm and objective way. If nobody really knows what press freedom is, it is easy to violate it with impunity as happens now nine times out of ten.  This was pointed out in Madrid by the director of Ossigeno, Alberto Spampinato during the international conference at the Complutense University on the theme, “Italy and Spain: Freedom and Censorship: The great silence”. Spampinato reminded the audience that in Italy, Ossigeno’s proposal to create the offence of obstructing information has been shared by the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission.  In particular, Spampinato asked universities to create degree courses for monitors of violations of press freedom. “We need these experts”, he said,“to create independent centres to monitor the threats to journalists; centres which the Council of Europe asks every country to set up”.

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