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Bad News | Monday June 19

Rome. June 21. Ossigeno invites to the concert for press freedom

Free entry. On stage, the Scoop Jazz Band and saxophone player Nicola Alesini at 20:30 pm at the “Centrale Montemartini” Museum

Fake and soft news. Some like it lukewarm

What’s happening in newspapers. Why “media truth” contrasts without rules to the “substantive or procedural” reality. Why hearsay replaces the news

Ossigeno Launches Alarm on Lazio Region, the land with the highest number of threats against journalists

In 2017, in this area where lives in the 10 % of Italian popolation the Observatory found almost 40% of the total national number of threats

Journalists. Threats alarm in Lazio. Questioning by senator Fattori – M5S

Along with four colleagues, Senator Elena Fattori asks what measures the Government intends to take

Italy. 7 threats between 10th and 16th June, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 7 cases of intimidation occurred in Italy against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Ilaria Lonigro, Peter Gomez (Lazio); Giuseppe Sottile (Sicilia); Silvio Schembri, Salvatore Butticé (Sicilia); Maria Egizia Fiaschetti + 1 photographer (Lazio)

Foibe. Gup of Rome sends to the archives lawsuit by Storace against Il Fatto

Unfounded allegations against Ilaria Lonigro and Peter Gomez for reporting the debate between the politician and a collective of writers who denounced the manipulation of a photo

Palermo. Canceled obscuration of online article, pm’s request was missing

It had been posted on The chief editor of the news outlet was sued for libel by a marshal of the Carabinieri

Trapani. Supporters of mayoral candidate block journalist

Silvio Schembri and the cameraman Salvatore Butticé (La Gabbia) had reached Girolamo Fazio, under investigation for corruption, at an electoral event

Rome. Street vendors threaten journalist and photographer

Maria Egizia Fiaschetti (Corriere della Sera) was in Piazzale Flaminio to document the degradation of the area by the presence of unauthorized stalls

Pisa. “Striscia” crew attacked for report on miss world Tuscany

“You’re not getting out alive”, the three aggressors said to the reporter Chiara Squaglia and the cameraman who had documented the sexual requests to competitors

Isola Capo Rizzuto. Sued for article on migrant center

The journalist Raffaella Cosentino, defended by the Legal Assistance Office of Ossigeno, reported on the L’Espresso on presumed irregularities in the CARA

Caivano (Naples province). Mayor sues reporter for a post on a woman that accused him

Pasquale Gallo (Il Giornale di Caivano) had told of a woman’s raid during the session to report electoral fraud. Solidarity from SUGC

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