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Bad News | Monday June 26

Safety of Journalist. Consultation in Geneve on the UN Plan of Action
Protection and the issue of impunity. Organized by UNESCO and OHCHR at Palais des Nations gather many stakeholders between which Ossigeno

European Feast of Music in Rome. The Ossigeno’s Concert for Press Freedom

Read below telegrams sent to promoters of the June 21st event from the representatives of institutions, journalists under guard and relatives of journalists killed in Italy because of their work

Telex from Pietro Grasso: stimulate cosciences, help those who risks for the truth

Telex Minister Franceschini, free press and journalism foundations of democracy

Telex from Morcellini AGCOM, may journalism discover the real terms of the crisis

Telex by AGCOM president: extraordinary strategies and measures against the crisis

Telex from senator Cervellini, do not leave those who resist threats alone

Telex from Vincenzo Vita, full participation to the concert for press freedom

Telex from Marilù Mastrogiovanni, information is living through a dramatic season

Telex from Lirio Abbate, to inform readers is the duty of reporters

Telex from Federica Angeli, risks are part of our job

Telex from Giovanni Tizian, start from solidarity between collegues

Telex from ECPMF: join us in Europe to defend information

Telex from OdG President: tear down the wall of silence on attacks against the press

Telex from FNSI, eliminate residues of authoritarian legislation

Telex from Lazio Order of Journalists, we stand aside all journalists who are at risk and get stopped

Telex from Luciana Alpi, it’s been 23 years and I am still waiting for justice for my daughter

Telex mother Graziella De Paolo: she was barbarously killed when she was in her prime


Italy. 3 threats between 17th and 25th June, 2017

This week, Ossigeno has verified and made know 3 cases of intimidation occurred in Italy against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Lorenzo Bagnoli, Lorenzo Bodrero (Lazio); Alessia Truzzolillo (Calabria).

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