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Bad News | Monday July 19

Italy. Twenty journalists under police escort, say Government to Ossigeno

65% lives in the Lazio region. The unpublished figures illustrated for the first time during the National Council of the Order convened in Rome

Protection for journalists. The Un enters the fray in force

Presented in Geneva a plan for the mobilization of all United Nations Agencies, greater resources and goals in individual countries

Human Rights. Communicating them in a simpler way, proposes FRA

Presented in Roma the action plan of the european agency. What to do in Italy? Ossigeno, Amnesty, Lidu, Diversity, Fondazione Brodolini among the italian ONG consulted


Ossigeno grant for dissertations and thesis on Press freedom

Students from every university in the European Union can participate to the “Ossigeno – Mario Paolo Grego Prize”

Better Understanding. The Dr Erhard Busek-SEEMO Award 2017

Call for 2017 Dr Erhard Busek-SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South, Eastern and Central Europe

This week in Italy 11 threats

Between 8th and 14th July, 2017, Ossigeno has verified and made know 11 cases of intimidation occurred in Italy against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Salvo Palazzolo (Sicilia); Ilario Filippone (Calabria); Nicole Winfield, Maria Cheng (Lazio); Rosaria Federico; Gennaro Del Giudice (Campania); Simone Montuschi, webmaster; Alessandro Bongarzone, Nevio Ronconi, Tuttifrutti edition (Emilia Romagna).

Palermo. “enough articles”. Anonymous letter to reporter Salvo Palazzolo

At the heart of the issue, the articles on the ‘Panta Rei’ trial against 40 defendants from mafia association charges for which the judge Nicola Aiello was also threatened

‘Ndrangheta. “I must carve his eyes out”. Anger against reporter

Threats against the journalist Ilario Filippone from Locri referenced in the Ordinance of the Prosecutor’s Office that on July 4th arrested the author and other 115 people

AP points to problems of Bambino Gesù Hospital which threatens lawsuit

Following the publication of a journalistic inquiry, the Associated Press agency also reported reactions and the counter arguments from the hospital’s management

Lugo Romagna. Two magistrates are looking for 120 million euro in damage compensation

For an article that criticizes their investigations, the journalists Alessandro Bongarzone and Nevio Ronconi and the publisher Tuttifrutti have been cited

Naples. Journalist denounces stalking but does not receive protection

Gennaro Del Giudice (Cronaca Flegrea) denounced five death threats from a man wanting the publishing of articles about him

Parma. Consortium files lawsuit against animal-rights activists. Web page seized

The association “Essere Animali” had published a video about suspected abuses on pigs. It appealed to the Review Tribunal

State poligraph announces lawsuit against “Cronache della Campania”

For an article that reported involvement of the CEO in an investigation by the Prosecutor of Salerno’s on alleged irregularities in product bulletins of pharmaceutical drugs

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