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Bad News | Monday August 7

Free press is a thermometer of democracy, says the Italian President Mattarella

The President of the Republic State define the freedom of press as one of the main democratic balance to the action of power and asked for a more attentive fact checking

Around Roma 40% of italian threatened journalists. The alarming concentration

The Ossigeno Report delivered to the Regional Antimafia Directorate and to the President Mattarella reports more and more frequent episodes

This week in Italy 17 threats

Between 22th and 31st July, 2017, Ossigeno has verified and made know 17 cases of intimidation occurred in Italy against journalists and information operators targeted because of their work: Nello Trocchia (Puglia); Gianluca Paolucci + journalists (Piemonte); Salvatore Minieri; Luigi Criscuolo (Campania); Francesco Furlan, Adriano Pagano (Lazio); Salvo Palazzolo; Giovanni Caruso; Franco Oddo, Carmelo Maiorca, Gianfranco Pensavalli, Salvatore La Rocca (Sicilia).

Vieste. Reporter Nello Trocchia attacked on crime scene

A man slammed his head against the wall. Nemo‘s envoy (RAI2) was shooting at the site of a mafia murder. Solidarity from the FNSI

Catania. “We’ll cut your head off”. Death threats against the “Siciliani Giovani”

The message is addressed to Giovanni Caruso, editor in charge. It was found in an envelope containing a special newspaper issue to commemorate Pippo Fava

Pignataro. “Enough articles about us”. Prosecutor requests indictement

The hearing to decide is scheduled for December 2017. The brothers Gaetano and Giuseppe Lubrano are accused of having warned Salvatore Minieri

Mafia. Where does the money come from? Reporter asks. Son-in-law of Totò Riina insults him on facebook

Solidarity to the journalist Salvo Palazzolo, of the newsroom office of Palermo of the daily La Repubblica. He had recently received threats along with a magistrate

Turin. Another invasive search in reporter’s house and newsroom office

Seized archives and cell phones from the home of journalist Gianluca Paolucci and from the newspaper La Stampa to find out his sources of UNIPOL manoeuvres in politics

Siracusa. Indictement for journalists of “Civetta” and “Isola dei cani”

The Procurator’s Office of Messina decided almost six years after the facts. First hearing in April. Charges for criminal association fell. No accusation for two Magma journalists

Cassino. Seized goods. Two giornalists to trial for giving news

Francesco Furlan and Adriano Pagano were sued for an article published on the online news site H24. Item obscured

Kick boxing. An athlete: delete article and video or I’ll sue

Raffaele Lettieri asked Luigi Criscuolo (Edizione Caserta), who published a note of the kickboxing federation Kombat League


Ossigeno grant for dissertations and thesis on Press freedom

Students from every university in the European Union can participate to the “Ossigeno – Mario Paolo Grego Prize”

Better Understanding. The Dr Erhard Busek-SEEMO Award 2017

Call for 2017 Dr Erhard Busek-SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South, Eastern and Central Europe

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