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Bad News | Tuesday August 31

It was a very hot August, in every way. Italy went on vacation, suspending many activities. Anyway, as usual, people who attack journalists and bloggers did not go on vacation. Although in these weeks Ossigeno slow down the work pace, it took note of all episodes. We tell now some serious events. Other equally serious ones will be reported in the next issue.

A historical sue ended. Even The Supreme Court sides with the reporters

Twelve years ago the President of Mediaset group accused l’Espresso weekly of having arbitrarily published investigative documents. The Court states that a short quotation is not a misdemeanour

Latina. Facebook. Closed lawsuit against Saviano and Federica Angeli

To denounce the journalist and the writer was the president of the association Cittadini Contro Le Mafie e La Corruzione (Citizens against Mafias and Corruption) for a post on Facebook

Mortegliano (Udine). Mayor sues for a title, juedge indicts two

Paola Beltrame (Il Messaggero Veneto) reported a local ANPI protest and the City Council’s reaction. A title seemed unbalanced. The hearing on 15 November 2017

Campania. Facebook. Reporter requests damages and receives insults

Salvatore Minieri had voiced doubts about articles about millions of euros for a fire in a storehouse of electrical appliances. Solidarity from ODG Campania

Ossigeno activities

Women in jail. Many forced into illegality by male figures

With the “Save the Face” course, supported by the ministry of Equal opportunities, Ossigeno allows difficult stories to resurface: personal experiences and violence at least once suffered from men 

Grant for dissertations and thesis on Press freedom

Students from every university in the European Union can participate to the “Ossigeno – Mario Paolo Grego Prize”. First prize Euro 1500,00

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