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Latina. Facebook. Closed lawsuit against Saviano and Federica Angeli

To denounce the journalist and the writer was the president of the association Cittadini Contro Le Mafie e La Corruzione (Citizens against Mafias and Corruption) for a post on Facebook

There has been no defamation, but legitimate right to criticism, without falling into contempt of the people involved in the post posted on Facebook by Roberto Saviano in May 2015: with this reason the judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Latina, on April 21, 2017, sent to the archives a lawsuit for libel against the writer and the journalist Federica Angeli who commented on the post by reporting two associations which, in her opinion, had to be closely monitored. For the Judge, the two are “critical observers of the facts”.

Saviano and Angeli were sued by Antonio Turri, national president of the ‘Citizens against Mafias and Corruption’ association for that post which referred of anti-Mafia associations which Saviano and Angeli criticized for their conduct and their closeness to criminal organizations. In relation to those associations, the two had used expressions like “anti-mafia amateurs” and associations that use “anit-mafia labels” to clean up their image.

In particular, the plaintiff was struck by Ms Angeli’s phrase who, in response to Saviano’s post, wrote: “I call everyone to place attention to members of associations such as the ‘Luna Nuova’ and the ‘Cittadini contro le Mafie e la Corruzione’ associations, who claim to fight the mafia, but instead threaten, defame, and insult anyone who does not think the way they do. I included”.

Angeli emphasizes to Ossigeno that this is the 100th defamation lawsuit against her that has been sent to the archives.
Both the journalist and the writer live under police protection because of their work.


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