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The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

Press Freedom Under Threat. OSSIGENO at Ghent University. October 10
Ossigeno organize an international seminar with students and journalists about tools to monitor attacks against media and operators

ECPMF’s conference “Defending journalists under threat” Leipzig October 5.
Solidarity, support and safe houses. Practical solutions for tackling the many threats that media workers face (see more below)

Night intrusion in the offices of “Avvenire di Calabria”
Unknown persons entered the newsroom in Reggio Calabria, breaking in from the front door, but they did not take away anything. The incident was notified to the police

Baltic. For photographs of teens with shotguns, death threats to an italian photographer
“You’re a dead man,” they say on the phone to Tommaso Clavarino. Spokesperson of the ministry of Estonia defines him a useful idiot. Solidarity from Assostampa Subalpina

Immigration. Andrea Palladino denigrated on facebook
Insults and threatening expressions from a leader of the right-wing association Generazione Identitaria for his articles on the weekly Famiglia Cristiana

Rome. Stolen documents and archives from home of Paolo Borrometi
Stolen a hard-drive and paper documents from the journalist’s archive, which defines the episode as “disturbing”

Sicily. Verbal threats to a journalist who writes of a drugs investigation
Giuseppe Spallino was stopped in the street in Castelbuono and attacked by a couple involved in the investigation

Earthquake in Ischia. Rage against “Jackal” journalists, attacked and insulted
Targeted the reporters of La7: insulted Nello Trocchia of the TV show In Onda while the crew of the newscast was forced to deliver the filmed shots

Review of news from partners and international sources
What happens in Europe and beyond about freedom of expression, right to be informed, safety of journalists


Interview with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Désir
“I wanted to put both my civil society and political background at the service of this mandate, which is at the crossroads of human rights commitments and diplomacy”, says the new OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. “In many OSCE participating States, the media situation is in a constant decline. In the past year alone, we have witnessed hundreds of criminal investigations launched by authorities against critical voices and more than 150 journalists are currently in prison. We see many different legal instruments used to silence dissenting voices, such as accusations of supporting terrorism, criminal defamation lawsuits, and charges of economic crimes. This is appalling and a clear violation of OSCE commitments on freedom of the media” – Read all



Ready to fight back? ECPMF conference “Defending journalists under threat”
Netx 5th October in Leipzig ECPMF will organize the conference “Defending journalists under threat: solidarity, support and safe houses” to explore practical solutions for tackling the many threats that media workers face today. Media workers under threat, high-profile experts, politicians and representatives of support networks will discuss various legal, practical and political approaches to improve the current situation – Read all


From Article19

Open Development. Access to Information and the Sustainable Development Goals
This interesting report by Article 19 analyze the right to information starting from the fact that it has been a key element of sustainable development since the 1992 Rio Declaration. This right – increasingly conceived as a Human Rights (Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; General Comment No. 34 by the UN Human Rights Committee, 2011) – has now been adopted into law or policy in 118 countries around the world (61% of UN Member States) covering 89% of the world’s population, while 90 countries have adopted explicit constitutional guarantees. At the same time, many countries are also implementing transparency initiatives (such as e-government or
open data). “As of June 2016”, the report states, “113 out of 193 Member States of the UN have adopted comprehensive laws which set out legal rules on access to information held by government bodies, known as Right to Information (RTI), Freedom of Information (FOI) or Access to Information Acts (ATI)”. Moreover, the report propose a methodology – a graduated method – for monitoring progress in implementation of RTI. Finally, among the recommendations to governments, there are: the adoption of Right to Information Laws, the publication of Open Data, the setting up of independent national monitoring bodies – Read all


Should “hate speech” be free?
Can the right to freedom of speech be limited? If so, what limits are allowed? – Read all


From IPI

Journalists in Finland face ‘unprecedented’ levels of online abuse

survey carried out in the spring of 2017 by the Finland Journalists Union (UJF, according to its Finnish acronym), the University of Tampere and the Finnish Association for Investigative Journalism (TJY) found that one in four journalists had been the victim of verbal harassment, such as insults and threats implying physical violence. Most of the incidents were triggered by articles on refugees, immigration and racism – Read all



OSCE and UN media freedom watchdogs call on Turkey to release journalists from prison and remove restrictions on media freedom



How economic interests influence journalists interfering in their editorial choices? It is the question of an online survey realized by openDemocracy. Here the link to fill it:

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