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BAD NEWS | Thursday September 28

The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

Leipzig. Ossigeno at conference “Defending journalists under threat” October 5.
Solidarity, support and safe houses. Practical solutions for tackling the many threats that media workers face (see more below)

Ghent University. Seminar Press Freedom Under Threat. OSSIGENO. October 10

Ossigeno organize an international seminar with students and journalists about tools to monitor attacks against media and operators

Madrid. International Conference on Trasparence 2017
At Universidad Complutense, 27-29 September Ossigeno is represented by prof. Mario Garcia de Castro –

Update from Italy

Bologna. Threats against journalists Tizian were an “attack to the Constitution”, judges say
They wrote it in the ruling of the Black Monkey trial, which led to the sentencing of those who had threatened with death the reporter, who suffered “extreme” damages

Catania. “I’ll bust your guts!”. Threatening phone calls to activist journalist
He had written in favour of protests organized against the C-Star, a ship used by a far-right group to disturb migrants’ sea rescues by NGOs

Rho. Milan. Break-in and damages to the weekly Settegiorni
Damaged by unknowns the home with insulting writings. It is the third episode of the same kind since April. The chief editor: “I believe it is an act of vengeance”

Social network. Gender insults on the web against two female journalists
Antonella Napoli and Tea Sisto hit because they expressed their support for the integration of migrants. Solidarity from politicians and journalists

Benevento. Denounced low-quality meals. To the archives lawsuit against journalist
For a video survey published on, the reporter Antonio Crispino was sued in 2015 by a company supplying school meals

Review of news from partners and international sources
What happens in Europe and beyond about freedom of expression, right to be informed, safety of journalists

Online threats to female journalists require immediate action, says OSCE media freedom representative
“Combating online threats against female journalists will remain at the top of my agenda as it is an integral part of the safety of journalists. There can be no freedom of the media without safety,” said the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir – Read all

from IPI
New analysis details civil defamation practice in Spain
new analysis by researchers at Madrid’s Complutense University and published today by the International Press Institute (IPI) offers the first systematic look at the levels of compensation awarded by Spanish courts in civil defamation cases involving the mediaRead all

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