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Immigration. Andrea Palladino denigrated on Facebook

Insults and threatening expressions from a leader of the right-wing association Generazione Identitaria for his articles on the weekly Famiglia Cristiana

On 6 August 2017, on Facebook, the journalist Andrea Palladino was denigrated and subjected to offensive and threatening expressions by Gian Marco Concas, a former Navy officer who is the technical director of the “Defend Europe” mission, promoted by the right-wing association Generazione Identitaria.

Between July and August, the targeted journalist had published some critical articles on the Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana regarding the association which is financing the operations of the C-Star patrol boat off the Libyan to hinder the rescue of immigrants embarked on barges. In a post on August 6, and in a video on August 14, Concas described Palladino’s reports as false and unfounded and pointed to the journalist as a “victim to be sacrificed”. Palladino pressed charges at the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office and received solidarity from the newsroom of Famiglia Cristiana, from the FNSI, Article21, the association Reti di Giustizia and many colleagues.

PALLADINO’S COMMENT – Andrea Palladino, interviewed by Ossigeno, commented on the story with the following words: “It happened before that I was attacked because I was doing my job properly. For example, when I followed a trial on the ‘ndrangheta, there was a clan chief who as he saw me in the courtroom told his clansmen: ‘Here’s the piece of shit that writes about us’. I know that a journalist who delves into the facts is annoying, and is sometimes referred to as the ‘enemy’, who as such must be isolated from other reporters. That is why even when the attacks are directed against a single reporter, in fact the attack is against all journalists and the journalistic profession. It is therefore important to express “solidarity” to those who are attacked, as it has happened to me. Solidarity is the best protection that can be given to a threatened journalist. So I thank those who have expressed solidarity to me and I invite everyone to remember that my journalist colleagues who are insulted and threatened because of their work are many and many of them are subjected to far worse attacks than those I have endured. We must never forget it.”


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