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Klaus Davi, boss sons write to me: “I am also a homosexual”

Interviewed by Ossigeno, he talked about how his sexual orientations – publicly declared – affect his work in Calabria, with surprising results

The fact of being a homosexual has created problems for your research work in Calabria?
“With Calabria and with the people of Calabria I never had any problem. On the other hand, I’ve had several problems with the mafia environments, which are clearly homophobic. But my presence has highlighted both homophobia and the other face of the coin. I received beautiful letters from children of important bosses, signed letters in a couple of cases, of boys who admitted their homosexuality, who were forced to marry and have children to save their appearances. With these confidences these people put their lives in my hands. So my transparency paid, even in the mafia environment. Today I can say that every ‘ndrina (clan) has one or two homosexuals inside. There are also lesbians, but the lesbian woman is more controllable, less disturbing of the general order of things. Once, gay people were made to disappear with the white lupara (that is a shot in the back with an unregistered gun). Things have changed. The ‘ndrangheta is content to separate some gay couples. To prosecutors and the police, this information is of little interest, they are not functional to their work. But from a journalistic, anthropological, sociological point of view, it is interesting to discover this underworld. A complex reality emerges: that is a closed world in which everything happens.”

However, they referred to your sexual orientation so as to denigrate you, to intimidate you…
“They used my sexual orientation to devalue my work in the eyes of others. The ‘ndrangheta does not do these things to hit the person who threatens but to give a message inside and outside. When it comes to a threat, a sexual, homophobic insult to someone means: he is worth less than zero. For them, in order of importance, first comes the man, then the woman and, thirdly, after the woman, the homosexual. the woman at certain times plays an important role within the clan, for example when the males are in jail. But the woman must not play any managerial role. The ‘ndrangheta has a male structure in which the homosexual occupys the lowest rung of the ladder.”


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