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KLAUS DAVI: “Calabria? A goldmine! But I’m alone in exploring it”

by Raffaella Della Morte, Matteo Finco e Alberto Spampinato

Klaus Davi, journalist and marketing and mass media expert, is a multifaceted person. He uses a variety of languages and occasionally resorts to provocative messages. These days the newspapers talk about the posters he had posted in some cities, in which the most wanted mafioso Matteo Messina Denaro is depicted in a female version (read). For some time Davi has been conducting a television investigation in Calabria for which he has been warned, insulted, attacked, assaulted. He publicly denounced them and assured that he will continue on with his work without being pressured. He also minimized the risks he is running, and does not want any police detail. But the authorities considered it necessary to provide him with a security service. The chief prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, Federico Cafiero De Raho, said that it is imperative to protect those who practice a kind of journalism so demanding (read). That of Davi in Calabria, said the magistrate to Ossigeno, is “a particularly penetrating and meaningful inquiry that puts him in touch with exponents of the ‘ndrangheta.” For this reason, to provide him with protection “is our duty. We can not give the ‘ndrangheta any opportunity to attack and destroy the trust that citizens have in the institutions.” Meanwhile, investigations into the aggressions received by the journalist continue: “Obviously as long as the elements are not extensible and communicable, I can not say more.”

Why does Klaus Davi’s inquiry cause so many reactions? Ossigeno considered it appropriate to interview him to hear from him directly the motivations that push him to be exposed, to look for close contacts with environments and people who do not like his observing. Davi explains it. He says why and in what way he wants to tell of the ‘ndrangheta because he wants to observe men and things with his own eyes and not through the eyes of the magistrates and the acts of judicial inquiries. Because he wants to talk to people close to or belonging to the ‘ndrine (clans). Because it is useful to know reasons, motivations, lifestyles, ways to see of those who are in contact with or inside criminal organizations. He talks about some feedback that encourages him to continue. He complains about the fact that the public service and the great publishing outlets of the country desert this field. In turn, he raises questions that reflect on the role of journalism and information about the mafias.


The exclusive interview with Klaus Davi
“The state has failed” and “the public service does not do enough”Read | VIDEO

Klaus Davi, boss sons write to me: “I am also a homosexual”
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Klaus Davi. Insults and aggressions. Four cases referred to Ossigeno
His television inquiry in Calabria is a race with many obstacles, punctuated by aggressions, warnings, threats, insults, lawsuits – Read

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