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Rome. Stolen documents and archives from home of Paolo Borrometi

Stolen a hard-drive and paper documents from the journalist’s archive, which defines the episode as “disturbing”

In August someone was stealthily introduced into the Roman house of the Sicilian journalist Paolo Borrometi while he was absent. The intruders took away the hard-drive of a computer and some paper documents. The fact was announced on August 20 by the president of the Sicilian Region Rosario Crocetta, with a note of solidarity with the reporter.

“I’m very worried. I have denounced before this case a series of other episodes. The latter worries me particularly because no valuable object has been stolen, only my work papers have been removed. I have great respect for investigators’ inquiries. I hope they will soon produce results”, the reporter told Ossigeno. In recent years Borrometi has published exclusive and important news on the activity of mafia groups operating in the area of Ragusa and Syracuse, and has repeatedly suffered death threats and acts of aggression, and is now forced to live under police protection.

Three years ago, in Modica (in the province of Ragusa) where he lived, someone set the entrance door of his home on fire (read). At the Court of Ragusa, the trial is underway against one of the attackers. For this last episode, Borrometi received numerous solidarity messages, including from Ossigeno. Beppe Giulietti and Raffaele Lorusso, president and secretary of the FNSI, said that “threats against Paolo are threats against each one of us”. The Senate President Pietro Grasso wrote: “Paolo has all our solidarity: his security must be guaranteed and carefully valued.”


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