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Social network. Gender insults on the web against two journalists

Antonella Napoli and Tea Sisto expressed their support for the integration of migrants. Solidarity from politicians and journalists

On September 1, 2017, journalist Tea Sisto, retired editor-in-chief of Il Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia, was heavily insulted on Facebook for publishing, on the pages of a colleague and of the news outlet of Brindisi Oggi, two comments favoring migration integration policies. “It is possible that the journalist is likely to be raped”; and again, “compassion for Tea Sisto”, are some of the offenses received and reported by her on September 5 at the Brindisi Police Headquarters. The journalist, a member of the association Libera, took the side of the parish priest of Brindisi’s Paradiso District, which is available to accommodate some migrants who it was said were to arrive in the neighborhood. A protest was held against the initiative, organized outside the church by two right-wing political figures.

Same fate, but on Twitter, occurred to the journalist Antonella Napoli, who on September 4 was targeted for criticizing the “thousands of shares” of the anti-migrant manifesto made by Forza Nuova after a rape case in Rimini. “We can hope that the next victims of these rapes by invaders will be you,” wrote a user in response to Ms Napoli who on September 5 reported the episode to the Police in Rome.

“It’s time to say enough. We have to press charges: ignoring them is not the right answer. Silence reinforces them and allows them to continue. We must not let this go. None of us have to be in silence anymore”, the reporter told Ossigeno.

Both have received solidarity statements from the world of politics, from associations and journalists (read).


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