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BAD NEWS | Thursday October 12

The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

Ossigeno proposes “hotspots” on press freedom attacks
This proposal, which had been announced during the seminar held on October 10th at Ghent University,  was subsequently illustrated and discussed during a press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe

International seminar “Press freedom under threat” – Ghent University, October 10th 2017

Press kit

How to face attacks against journalists and violent censorship
What media, journalists and citizens could do: proposals by Ossigeno

Why we go around to speak about our monitoring
The method developed by the observatory and the necessity to spread it abroad

“My brother Giovanni and his risky investigations”
The President of Ossigeno Alberto Spampinato tell the story of the journalist killed in Sicily in 1972

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