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BAD NEWS | Friday November 10

The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

This week Ossigeno Bad News focus on three topics:

Part 1. The RAI’s reporter and the cameraman severely beaten in Ostia while were interviewing the brother of a local criminal boss. Why this impressive last attack confirms the big alarm raised by Ossigeno since May 2017 – and unheard until now – about the 112 journalists targeted in the current year in the Italian Capital because their job. The Ossigeno analysis starting from the fact that this year 30% of all Italian episodes of threats, intimidation, serious abuses against journalists have occurred in Rome. Ossigeno asks: what else must to happen here before someone takes countermeasures?

Part 2. Italy: impunity at 99% level for all threats, intimidations and abuses against journalists occurred in the last decade. Ossigeno released a report last October 30 in Rome at the celebration of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. Below speeches, figures and statement from the meeting promoted by Ossigeno together with ECPMF, with the support of the European Commission and the patronage of UNESCO and main Italian institutions.

Part 3. A review of other recent serious attacks to press freedom and journalists occurred in Italy and unveiled from Ossigeno through its method of observation and verification.


Part 1. Journalists beaten in Ostia

Ostia (Rome)? RAI’s reporter and videomaker beaten

After the Ostia attack what else will happen?

How many attacks in Rome? 30% of all Italian episodes


Part 2. Impunity in Italy. Ossigeno’s data on Lazio and Rome

Review of Ossigeno’s data, comments and analysis exposed October 30, at the celebration of the International Day to End Impunity

Benchelah (Unesco), doubled number of harassments against women journalists
The representative of the UN Agency outlined the program of courses aimed at judges and law enforcement officers for the security of reporters

Rome. Unesco, Ossigeno and Asr render homage to journalists killed
The representative of the UN Agency Mehdi Benchelah and the speakers of the “Alarm in Rome” conference at the Casa del Jazz

Data: in the capital 30% of all attacks
The Observatory relays the emergence of attacks on information providers in the Lazio region, drawing attention to what is happening in the Capital city

Secretary Asr, break institutions’ scepticism
According to Lazzaro Pappagallo it is necessary to have magistrates and prefects understand that “the problem is a serious one. There is a need to tell what is happening”

Tarquinio: right to be forgotten places new obstacles
For Avvenire‘s editor in chief, “there is a use for intimidation.” Availability to publish periodically on his daily, updates on attacks to reporters

Spampinato: monitoring is fundamental
The President of the Observatory said so at the second initiative for the World Day for ending impunity against journalists

Bonafoni: “its a low intensity war”
This is the picture of the state of press freedom according to the vice-president of the Antimafia Commission of the Lazio Region, Marta Bonafoni

Vita (Article 21): libel reform can not end up in the attic
The former MP said so at the “Allarme Roma” conference focusing on the increase in precariousness for journalistic jobs

Jazz and Ossigeno together in the search for freedom
So said the Maestro Vittorio Mezza, composer of the anthem to press freedom, explaining the reasons for collaborating with the Observatory

International Day to End Impunity
UNESCO, 930 journalists killed. 90% total impunity
The message sent for the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists (IDEI) on November 2

VIDEO. November 2, the message by Mehdi Benchelah


Part 3. Other attacks to freedom of the press in Italy on October

Rome. Journalist insulted during M5S protest
Veronica Altimari (RomaToday) was targeted by activists who contested in Piazza Montecitorio the debate on the electoral law in the Lower House

Genoa. Journalists attacked by “no migrants” protesters
Matteo Pucciarelli, Massimiliano Salvo (la Repubblica) and Davide Pambianchi (Il Secolo XIX) were documenting the Multedo neighbourhood for protests against the arrival of 12 migrants

Piedmont. Three “No Tav” condemned for violence against journalist
A year of imprisonment for the three who intimidated and threatened Erica Di Blasi (la Repubblica) in Chiomonte during protests

Rimini. A Rainews24 journalist insulted at M5s conference
Enrica Agostini and two operators wanted to interview Senator Morra. In addition to whistles and screams, activists tried to stop video footage

More News
All the best to l’Espresso for the good battle of information
The new chief editor, Marco Damilano, quotes the data from Ossigeno per l’Informazione on “256 journalists who in Italy in 2017 have been subjected to intimidation”


Review of news from partners and international sources
What happens in Europe and beyond to freedom of expression, right to be informed, safety of journalists

Safety of journalists under threat in large parts of OSCE region, media freedom representative reports to OSCE Permanent Council
VIENNA, 9 November 2017 – Violence and threats against journalists are on the rise in large parts of the OSCE region, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir stated today in his report to the OSCE Permanent Council. The report took place on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Mandate of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media by OSCE participating States.


Secretary-General’s message on the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists


From Ecpmf
#EndImpunity: The investigation that killed my brother Giovanni
The story of the journalist killed in Sicily in 1972


From Index for Censorship
#NoImpunity: Crimes against journalists go unresolved
Index on Censorship and Reporters Without Borders have highlighted prominent cases of impunity.

Targeting journalists in the name of national security


From OBC
Whistleblowers: looking for European protection
On October 24th, 2017, the European Parliament voted an important – although not binding – report on the need for a EU framework for the protection of whistleblowers. An overview of the process that led to the formulation and adoption of the document.


From Article19
Council of Europe: Impunity for journalist murders must end


From Ipi
IDEI: 71 journalist deaths so far this year
Impunity ‘most important factor fuelling cycle of violence’, IPI says on Nov 2

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