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Defamation. After 8 years reporters and chief editor of “Panorama” not guilty

Andrea Marcenaro, Riccardo Arena and Giorgio Mulé were sentenced in the first-degree to custodial sentences following charges from former Prosecutor of Palermo Mr Messineo

The Fifth Section of the Court of Appeal of Milan on October 23, 2017 has deemed not guilty the three journalists of Panorama (the chief editor Giorgio Mulè, Riccardo Arena and Andrea Marcenaro) from accusations of defamation from former Procurator of the Republic of Palermo, Francesco Messineo, because of an article from December 2009 (titled “Aridatece il Procuratore Caselli” – give us back the prosecutor Caselli) criticizing the administration of the prosecution by the magistrate. The same weekly published the news (read more).

In the first degree, the journalists were sentenced to a compensation of thirty thousand euros and imprisonment: eight months for the chief editor (for omitted control) and one year for the reporters (with the suspension of the penalty for Arena, as he had only collaborated with the writing of the article).

The second degree of judgment has determined that for Arena and Marcenaro the fact does not constitute a crime, while for Mulè the fact does not exist.

The Order of Journalists of Sicily expressed “full satisfaction for the sentence that brings to the fore the theme of the crimes of opinion, whose sanction should be reconsidered”.


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