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Journalists. 10 attacks noted by Ossigeno between november 1st and 17th 2017

Between November 1st and 17th, 2017, the Observatory has verified attacks that restricted press freedom against 10 journalists and other information operators. The 10 names were added to the Table of names of the people who suffered attacks. The full list is available on the Observatory’s website (see more). It contains links that let you know more details about each case. To date this list contains a total of 3440 names, of which 355 added in 2017.

THE NAMES – The victims of the episodes documented in this period are: Vincenzo Rubano; Giovanni Longo, Massimiliano Scagliarini; Maurizio Bolognetti; Sebastiano Caputo; Luca Abete; Marcello Sorgi, publisher of La Stampa; Daniele Piervincenzi, Edoardo Anselmi.

Ossigeno has classified the types of attacks:
2 physical assaults: 20%;
2 warnings: 20%;
4 complaints and legal actions: 40%;
2 obstacle to freedom of information: 20%.

Produced 54 original news
Ossigeno has produced and published 54 original news (30 in Italian, 24 in English) and 2 weekly newsletters in English on these attacks and on initiatives promoted by the Observatory to defend the freedom of information and security of journalists.

Social network
This month, Ossigeno’s Facebook page hosted 58 posts, received 70 new likes and averaged 1280 views per post. The 33 Tweets received 25’100 views, 408 visits, 48 mentions and 24 new followers on Twitter.


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