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Project “Let’s save the face”. In Rebibbia “Medea” on stage

On Monday, November 20, at 3:30 pm, at the Women’s Section of the Rebibbia Penitentiary, the show produced by the laboratory organized within the project of the Provincial Adult Education Centre and Ossigeno, the famous Greek tragedy Medea by Euripides will go on stage at the Female Circle House of Rebibbia. The show – directed by Francesca Tricarico – is the result of the theatrical workshop realized in the prison’s medium security sections within the project “Let’s Save the Face”, conceived by the CPIA1 (Provincial Adult Education Centre) of Rome and Ossigeno and supported by the Department for Equal Opportunities. On stage, the detainees who participated in the lab will be the actors.

This will be – the authors write – “a trip into the myth of Medea, to travel inside us between the walls of the prison and outside through Euripides and Christa Wolf passing through the Divine Comedy and Alda Merini. A complex and careful study to reflect on the word truth and judgment yesterday and today, to ask ourselves what truth means to us, and before that judgment.”

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