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BAD NEWS | Wednesday December 13

The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

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Malta. Assault on Journalism
Taking stock of pressures on journalists in the aftermath of the killing of Daphne Caruana GaliziaThe Ossigeno’s seminar at Malta University on December 6, with scholars, journalists and the General Sescretary of the European Federation of Journalists

Malta and “the journalism which disturbs nobody”
Many problems were highlighted on the 6th December 2017 at the University of La Valletta. Among the speakers, Ricardo Gutierrez (EFJ) and the Maltese journalist Herman Grech.
Press kit of the event

Here they say: Daphne had been looking for it
Herman Grech, journalist of the online Times of Malta, referred to it at a seminar organised by Ossigeno at the University of Valletta

EFJ e Ossigeno, punish the masterminds behind Daphne Caruana Galizia
The General Secretary Ricardo Gutiérrez after the workshop in Valletta: “It is urgent and essential to involve external and impartial investigators”

Future Events
“Looking for freedom”. 18 december Ossigeno’s concert in Rome
Free entry (h 19.00). On the stage the trio Cercatori di libertà (Vittorio Mezza, Gianluca Lusi, Luigi Maria Masciari)

Lawsuits. OdG Toscana supports Ossigeno Legal Assistance Office
One more journalist will be assisted free of charge. On Friday 15 December the press conference in Florence with the presidents Carlo Verna and Carlo Bartoli

Top News – Safety of journalists
UNESCO encourages monitoring at national level
The General Conference recognizes the need to improve protection in all situations and encourages also Member States to establish national protection mechanisms

Minniti, press freedom is democracy’s oxygen
The Interior Minister said so at the FNSI headquarters where he announced a Coordination Center for Information on Threatened Journalists

UNESCO: this is the first step in Europe
This is the opinion expressed by the newsletter on the implementation of the UN Action Plan on the protection of journalists and against impunity

In Italy. Attacks
Journalists. 10 attacks noted by Ossigeno between november 1st and 17th 2017
10 names added to the Table of names of victims (see more). Now they are 3440, of which 355 added in 2017

Arrested the man that threatened Borrometi saying: “I’ll slaughter you”
A few days after the threats on Facebook. Applied the aggravating circumstance of the Mafia method, as was the case for Ostia

Naples. Fotoreporter beaten on the site of a murder
The FNSI and the Unitary Union of journalists from Campania report it. A relative of the victim gave him two blows to the face

Piacenza. Two journalists attacked while police closes down bar
Emanuela Gatti and Andrea Pasquali were following the suspension of the activity for public security reasons. They were shoved around by the manager of the bar

In Italy. Lawsuits and Trials
Bologna. Purchased their telephone tables of two journalists without their knowledge
Gianluca Rotondi and Gilberto Dondi discovered it by chance two years later. OdG and Assostampa Emilia-Romagna: “attempt to identify their sources”

“I did not aid the red brigades” and asks for damages. No from Supreme Court
He was arrested in 2001 for subversive association and La Stampa defined him a terrorist. Seven years ago he asked 260 thousand euros. Released from charges former chief editor and publisher

Legal defence. The final decision on the charges for defamation against Raffaella Fanelli supported by Ossigeno
The journalist was sued for defamation following an interview conducted in 2015. An investigating judge in Milan will decide upon the public prosecutor’s request to dismiss the charges

Other News
European Parliament. Press freedom is under attack
The online magazine of the assembly focuses on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galicia and on the phenomenon of threats to journalists, also citing the work of Ossigeno

Die  Zeit: about why now Petra Revski talks about mafia only in her novels
Christof Siemes explains how a journalist has decided to face the restrictions that the German law imposes on reporting – Read the original article (in German)

To die of journalism. The example of Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta
Two testimonies in Bari at the second edition of Women Journalists of the Mediterranean, dedicated to the reporter killed in October

Project “Let’s save the face”. In Rebibbia Medea on stage
At the Female Circle House the famous Greek tragedy by Euripides. The show is produced by the laboratory organized within the project of the Provincial Adult Education Centre and Ossigeno

CEI SEEMO Award to journalist from Moldova and Ukraine
For covering many cases about corruption in their countries. Ossigeno was in the international jury

Review of news from partners and international sources
What happens in Europe and beyond to freedom of expression, right to be informed, safety of journalists

UNESCO Member States discuss what works in national systems to protect journalists


From Ecpmf
German businessman loses appeal against New York Times

Catalonia crisis threatens independence of Spain’s public TV crews
From Index of Censorship
Malta: Index speaks with RTK about murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Italian journalist Lorenzo Tondo tells Index: “I have a duty to defend my rights”
From Ipi
IPI condemns Albania PM’s anti-media remarks
From OBC
Wikipedia edit-a-thon in Sofia to support media freedom and democratic commons
From EFJ
EU’s Colloquium on Fundamental Rights addresses women and the media
From Article19
UNGA resolution calls for an end to attacks on women journalists


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