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European Parliament. Press freedom is under attack

The online magazine of the assembly focuses on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galicia and on the phenomenon of threats to journalists, also citing the work of Ossigeno

Brussels-based Italian journalist, Maria-Laura Franciosi, said, “Remember, for each journalist killed, attacked, threatened or detained, countless others are intimidated to self-censor, eroding press freedoms and depriving entire societies of important information.”

Italian NGO “Ossigeno per l’informazione” (Oxygen for Information) is dedicated to defending journalists’ right to free expression. It has also been threatened because of its work. It proposes creating ‘hotspots’ in all European countries, where press integrity experts ascertain the validity of their claims and alert national authorities to threats to press freedom, allowing them to find ways to improve the situation for journalists. […]

Alberto Spampinato, director of “Ossigeno per l’Informazione” said, “These actions are spreading a kind of violent censorship; we have to call it by its real name. We need to demand that deliberate violations of the right to information are punished as a crime”. – Read all


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