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Far right militants of the Forza Nuova group threaten “la Repubblica” and “L’Espresso”

Militants who had their faces covered, brandishing smoking cans, shouted insults and punctuated a “declaration of war” to those journalists who criticized the movement

The invasion which took place on the afternoon of 6 December 2017, in Rome, in the area in front of the building where the offices of the la Repubblica newspaper and l’Espresso magazine are, marks a qualitative leap in the field of threats and intimidation to journalists, as some observers have pointed out.

A dozen militants of Forza Nuova with masked faces invaded the private area of the Largo Fochetti building, shouting insults and threats to the two newspapers and to journalists who were in the building, who have been documenting for months and investigating the “spread of episodes of fascism and intolerance in the country”.

The demonstrators wore white masks, and held smoking cans, while waving flags with the symbol of the radical right nationalist political movement and a banner with the inscription “Boicotta l’Espresso e Repubblica”. Furthermore, they read “a declaration of war” against the L’Espresso publishing group. One of the protesters threw a firecracker at an employee who had responded to the insults.

“It is the first act of a political war against the l’Espresso group and against the Democratic Party. They are carrying on – declared the leader of the movement, Roberto Fiore, to the ANSA agency shortly after – a work of mystification and criminalization that wants to put Forza Nuova out of the game”.

“We presented ourselves in this way because today we represent every Italian betrayed by those who foster the Ius soli, invasion and ethnic substitution”, writes the Facebook group of militants in Rome, indicating the journalists as a goal and announcing that the protest in front of La Repubblica and L’Espresso is only “the first attack against those who spread the word of immigration, who serve the interests of NGOs, coops, and various mafias. From today a systematic and militant boycott begins against those who spread ideas of ethnic substitution and invasion. Today the defence of the patriots has begun against the poison of these terrorists disguised as journalists”.

The attack has generated a strong sense of alarm and immediate reactions of condemnation from each political and institutional sector.

The journalists of the l’Espresso Group received solidarity from the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, from the President of the Chamber, Laura Boldrini, from the Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni. The president of the Senate, Pietro Grasso, said it is “a very serious fascist attack against freedom of information”. The president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, Rosy Bindi said: “It is a very serious and disturbing act that adds to other disturbing episodes of neo-fascist aggression” and defined it “particularly alarming that in these two newspapers work many journalists who have suffered death threats and therefore live under police protection”.

The Minister of the Interior, Marco Minniti, condemned the episode, calling it a “criminal act” and immediately went to the headquarters of the Publishing Group, expressing solidarity with the journalists. FNSI and the Order of Journalists have defined the episode “a new intolerable act of squadrism against democracy and freedom of information”.

On the La Repubblica website, journalists specify that “the expedition” comes while the paper is conducting an information operation “on the spread of episodes of fascism and intolerance in the country”. “For weeks – says the chief editor Mario Calabresi in a video – la Repubblica has been telling of the return of neo-fascism in Italy. Why they have raised their heads and why there is reason to worry. Along with this, the newspaper has pitched a battle in favor of the ius soli. These are the faults of la Repubblica. We are worried not so much for the paper, but for the climate in the country. We must be careful because this feeling can really pollute our democracy”. The daily reports that the Digos opened an investigation and one of the militants has apparently been stopped. The Newsroom Committee of la Repubblica and l’Espresso speak of “a very serious and unacceptable act against the freedom of the press” and express “concern for what happened and for the growing climate of hatred towards those who try to give information on right-wing extremism”.

OSSIGENO – With a note signed by the director Alberto Spampinato and the secretary Giuseppe F. Mennella, “Ossigeno per l’Informazione condemns the serious attempt to intimidate the journalists of la Repubblica and l’Espresso and expresses solidarity with all of them for the attack they have suffered today by exponents of Forza Nuova. Our Observatory will continue to monitor these incidents and urge the institutions to put in place tangible measures to stop those who use violence to defend their ideas and to put an end to a wave of impatience with freedom of the press and those who exercise it.”

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