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Aosta. Writes: to the shovels 2 out of 18 thousand. Insulted reporter on Facebook

Alessandro Mano was insulted and accused of lack of professionalism by members of the group “Sei di Aosta se”. Solidarity from OdG and Assostampa

On 19 December 2017 the journalist Alessandro Mano, collaborator of the newspaper La Stampa, was invested on Facebook by insults and accusations of lack of professionalism for reporting in his newspaper that an initiative launched by the Facebook group “Sei di Aosta se” had failed dramatically. Faced with the hardships created by a major snowfall, the group members had created an event on the social network gathering people to shovel the snow accumulated in the city, but only two of the 18 thousand members had presented themselves to the appointment. The journalist received the solidarity of the journalists’ union and of the Valle d’Aosta Order of Journalists.

In the article, entitled “The people of Facebook shovel only with words” Mano had stressed the difference between the real world and the virtual world. Insults on Facebook and attempts to discredit Mano’s work continued for three days in a row.

Alessandro Mano told Ossigeno: “It’s the first time that such a thing happens to me, despite writing daily articles on trials, convictions and other important things. I did not expect this reaction: obviously I touched a weak spot about people hiding behind the pc”.

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