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Ossigeno Legal Assistance. The journalist Stefania Limiti has been held in Rome

She had refused to reveal to the public prosecutor the source of one of her book-investigations on the possible background of the Capaci Massacre. Defense by the lawyer Valerio Vartolo together with avv. Andrea Di Pietro from the Ossigeno Legal Assistance Office

On January 12, 2017 the Court of Rome, chaired by Dr. Iulia of the fourth penal section, acquitted with the full formula (“the fact does not exist”) the journalist Stefania Limiti, author of the investigation book on the Capaci massacre titled “Doppio Livello”. Appealing to freedom of information, the journalist refused to disclose to the public prosecutors of Caltanissetta the identity of her fiduciary source, despite the order of the judge for the preliminary investigations. As a consequence of her refusal, she was charged with false communications to the public prosecutor, pursuant to Article 371 bis of the Criminal Code.

The Court acquitted her in the pre-trial, in pursuant to art. 129 of the Italian Penal Code, because the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rom was not able to correctly define and prove the facts attributed in the charges.


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