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Vicenza. Roi Foundation renounces to request of one million for compensation

The new president signed a transaction with the VicenzaPiù newspaper. In 2016 the former president of the Foundation, Giovanni Zonin, had mentioned the chied editor Giovanni Coviello

The hearing of the civil case, filed at the Court of Vicenza, scheduled for September 2018, will no longer proceed. The issue was closed between the parties, on January 29, 2018, when the Fondazione Roi, currently chaired by Ilvo Diamanti, and the VicenzaPiu.com online newspaper signed an agreement putting an end to the civil litigation. Thus falls the request for compensation of one million euros advanced by the Foundation during the management of the previous president, Giovanni Zonin, against Giovanni Coviello, then head of the newspaper, from which he resigned to run for the parliamentary elections on March 4, 2018.

Zonin accused Coviello of having deliberately damaged the Foundation’s image and decor by publishing, between 4 and 14 March 2016, a series of articles in which he criticized the management of the directors and formulated negative judgments on the purchase of the property that in the past hosted the “Corso” cinema, and an investment of 26 million euros (read).

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