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Slovakian newspaper publishes Ossigeno data

One third of the whole threats come from the mafia and it is fundamental to monitor such attacks, Medialne reports

In March 2018, the Slovakian newspaper Medialne published a piece by Samuel Chrťan called “Italian journalists are not killed anymore, but the mafia still threatens them. Three lessons” (“Talianski novinári už nemiznú, no mafia ich ničí stále. Tri poučenia pre nás“). The articles reports Ossigeno per l’Informazione data and the contributions submitted to the Anti-mafia Parlamentary Commission. “This independent observatory on freedom of the press provides oxygen to journalists”, the newspaper reports.

The author adds that, although many journalists are threatened by the mafia, the number of those who receive attacks from different environments of the organised crime is two times bigger.


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