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Le Iene Video Marilù Mastrogiovanni writes – they threaten.

Interviewed by Gaetano Pecoraro, the journalist explains why she has left her home in Casarano (Lecce) and recounts the numerous threats received.

The repeated serious threats and intimidations directed at the journalist, Marilù Mastrogiovanni, editor of the online newspaper Il Tacco d’Italia were recalled on the 19th March 2018 in the national television programme, Le Iene with an interview with Gaetano Pecoraro (see here).

In the video Marilù Mastrogiovanni describes her life as a discomforting journalist, several attacks she has experienced, and recounts with bitterness the numerous episodes taken up by Ossigeno (read here). She talks of the latest and most serious threats, of the intrusion into her house in Casarano (Lecce), the killing of her dog, of the setting fire to her wood store and of the decision to flee and to move elsewhere together with her family members.

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