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Journalists. 66 intimidations recorded by Ossigeno between February and March 2018

A further 128 probable episodes of unjustifiable attacks reported to the institutions and to other associations with the request to verify the validity of them

This bimonthly summary of attacks on media workers in Italy is prepared by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom in Leipzig with the support of the European Union.

From January 1st to 31st March 2018 Ossigeno per l’Informazione has added the names of 95 journalists and bloggers to the table of the names of victims of serious and unjustifiable attacks committed in Italy with the aim of intimidating them and limiting in this way the right to news and the freedom of expression. The public table can be consulted on the website of the Observatory (read). This table now contains a total of 3603 names.

THE EPISODES CHECKED AND DOCUMENTED – In only the two months February and March 2018 Ossigeno per l’Informazione has published in this table the name of 66 journalists and other media workers subjected to attacks. The Observatory has determined that each of these 66 attacks represented a violation of the right to information and has recorded in detail on the website and through newsletters and the social networks, the circumstances of each individual episode. The twelve cases in the two month period held to be most interesting are explained briefly in another post of this bi-monthly report (read).

A further 128 episodes to be checked – in the same period l’Osservatorio has stated publicly to be aware of many other probable serious unjustifiable attacks and to be unable, through its own efforts, to subject them to the same rigorous verification criteria. Therefore Ossigeno per l’Informazione has listed in detail these other 128 probable violations (read here all the incidents still to be verified) and has made an appeal to the institutions and to other associations asking for help to verify their validity also with the aim of establishing if it is necessary to offer assistance, help and support quickly to the victims.

66 NAMES – The victims of the episodes recorded by Ossigeno are;
Mauro D’Agostino and publisher; Marilù Mastrogiovanni; Giovanni Floris and editorial office DiMartedì; Giuseppe Bianco; Giusy Cavallo, Michele Finizio and 2 collaborators; Mario Idone; Marco Omizzolo; Claudia Marra; Lirio Abbate; Giuseppe Laratta; Collaborator Il Roma; Publisher Il Roma; Chiara Proietti D’Ambra; Simone Zazzera; Alessia Marani; Vittorio Brumotti, collaborator e viderocameraman; Carmine Benincasa; Francesco Piccinini; Salvatore Minieri; Francesco Mobilio; Giovanni Coviello; Alessandro Nardella; Antonio Musella; Editorial Offices of FanPage; Gaia Bozza; Francesco Piccinini, Sacha Biazzo, Editorial Offices Gazzettino di Sicilia; Edoardo Montolli (x7); Maria Grazia Mazzola; Armando Scuteri; Dominella Trunfio, Franco Cufari; Emiliano Fittipaldi.

TYPOLOGIES OF ATTACKS – Ossigeno has structured the verified attacks according to the intimidatory typology envisaged by its method of observation:
18 warnings: 27.27%
15 assaults: 22.73%
8 damage:12.12%
20 legal action: 30.30%
5 obstacles to the freedom of information:7.58%
140 original news stories  Regarding these attacks and the initiatives promoted by the Observatory to defend the freedom of information and promote the safety of journalists and freedom of expression, Ossigeno has produced, published and distributed on its website 140 original news articles (88 in Italian, 52 in English. The Observatory has transmitted 3 newsletters in English.

150,000 viewings on Twitter, 46,000 on Facebook
Between February and March 2018 Ossigeno’s official page on Facebook hosted 145 posts, 109 receiving 109 likes and on average 569 views for each post. On its Twitter profile Ossigeno has sent 197 tweets which received 150,000 views, 1560 visits, 217 mentions and 93 new followers.

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