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Puglia: “No photos” they tell a photo-journalist and attempt to assault him

Toti Bello was at Acquarica del Capo (Lecce) documenting the action of firemen putting out a fire in an apartment

On the 28th of March, the freelance photojournalist, Toti Bello was threatened by a group of individuals whilst taking photographs to illustrate the intervention of firemen putting out a fire in a private residence in Acquarica del Capo (Lecce).

The journalist told Ossigeno, “Over and above this specific episode I have the feeling that the idea is widespread that the journalist is an enemy to be kept at a distance. I am disappointed by the fact that in our society there isn’t the deserved respect for people who do their job”.

Solidarity – The journalists’s professional association and press association of Puglia expressed their support to him and they thanked the police for their assistance.

The facts: a man told Toti Bello not to take photographs. Bello claimed the right as a journalist to take photographs. After a few minutes of discussion a group of individuals, several of whom were very young, surrounded the journalist. Someone attempted to assault him physically. Several individuals present stopped the attackers.

Bello called the police who arrived and only in their presence was the journalist able to take photographs. Meanwhile the group of individuals who had surrounded him melted away.

The following day, the photo-journalist reported the incident to the police of Presicce and notified Ossigeno of the episode.


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