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Turin: Four months for the reporter who followed the “No Tav” demonstrators

The reporter was held culpable for assisting in trespassing through having entered the offices of a company. The events took place in August 2012.

On the 9th April 2018 the Tribunal of Turin sentenced the journalist, Davide Falcioni to four months of detention for having assisted in trespassing. He had been tried in October 2015 for having followed demonstrators of the “No Tav” (anti-high speed rail tunnel) movement and entering along with them without authorisation the offices of the Turin company, Geovalsusa s.r.l.

Falcioni appealed. The journalist who collaborates with Fanpage has always maintained that he acted with the exclusive aim of covering journalistically the demonstration. The events took place in August 2012.

“It seems serious to me that a Prosecutor and a Court seek to direct the ways in which a journalist acquires news” Falcioni said to Ossigeno. “I insist upon the autonomy of journalism which should not depend on the police or the Prosecutor.”

The Italian National Press Federation and the regional press association expressed their support for the reporter. In an added note they wrote “The hope is that on appeal the reasoning of Article 21 of the Constitution will prevail”.


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