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Reggio Calabria: Adrianna Musella will not face trial for calumny

The court decided that there was no case to answer in the case of the president of the antimafia association “Riferimenti” The procedure had been a formality

On the 24th May 2018 the prosecutor of the court of Reggio Calabria determined that the court was not the place to proceed regarding Adriana Musella, president of the antimafia association “Riferimenti” for the offence of calumny by the journalist of Corriere della Calabria, Alessia Candito.

On the 30th September 2017 the prosecutor of Reggio had asked for a ruling on Musella who 18 months previous had accused Candito – as described by the judge of Reggio in the setting aside of the lawsuit – “for offences of serious defamation, illegal access to information or telecommunication systems and for other offences that might arise from a reading of the law” In the lawsuit Musella wrote, “ It was she herself (i.e., Candito) exploiting my temporary difficulty in accessing files who took the mouse into her hand copying not only individual elements by everything that was in the directory where, only subsequently did I realise there were various informal notes and data relating to internal accounting.”

The president disputed, therefore, the journalist’s article published in Corriere della Calabria, relating to the public funding received by the association. The judge of the court of Reggio dismissed the lawsuit (read here).

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