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OSSIGENO per l’informazione is an observatory monitoring threatened journalists and news overshadowed by violence in Italy.

The Observatory was launched in 2008 by FNSI, (National Federation of the Italian Press, the single journalists’ union) and the Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti (the Italian order of the journalists), together with the non-profit organisations in defence of press freedom Libera Informazione, Unione Nazionale Cronisti Italiani and Articolo 21.

The name OSSIGENO (Oxygen in English) is symbolic: it conveys the message that information needs freedom and protection to perform its role of watchdog of democracy.

OSSIGENO aims to document all the Italian cases of violent or abusive limitations on freedom of expression against journalists, writers, intellectuals, politicians, trade unionists, public officials and other citizens, paying special attention to what goes on, in information field, in the areas where the influence of criminal organisations is strong and deeply rooted.

The Observatory performs continuous monitoring of threatened journalists, telling their stories through the online newspaper notiziario.ossigeno.info and in annual reports, published in different languages: the last one (2011/2012) was translated into English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Ossigeno web page shows a table of journalists threatened. In April 2014 in the table are listed over 1800 names.

Until some year ago, no one wanted to admit that in Italy there were journalists threatened. The monitoring of oxygen brought the issue in the public arena.

OSSIGENO also promotes public initiatives in order to enhance the visibility of the threats, to strengthen solidarity with threatened journalists and to spread awareness among the public about the right to be fully informed, in an impartial way.

PEOPLE – The editor-in-chief is Alberto Spampinato, Fnsi National Councillor. Co-Editor is Angelo Agostini, professor of Journalism at the IULM University in Milan, and editor of the quarterly magazine Problemi dell’Informazione (Il Mulino publisher).

In the Joint Working Committee Fnsi-Ordine are: Enzo Colimoro, Paolo Perucchini, Vincenzo Colimoro, Francesco La Licata, Silvia Resta, Gianfranco Sansalone.

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