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The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

Press Freedom Under Threat. OSSIGENO at Ghent University. October 10

Ossigeno organize an international seminar with students and journalists about tools to monitor attacks against media and operators

Earthquake in Ischia. Rage against “Jackal” journalists, attacked and insulted

trocchia 1

Targeted the reporters of La7: insulted Nello Trocchia of the TV show In Onda while the crew of the newscast was forced to deliver the filmed shots

Sicily. Verbal threats to a journalist who writes of a drugs investigation


Giuseppe Spallino was stopped in the street in Castelbuono and attacked by a couple involved in the investigation

Rome. Stolen documents and archives from home of Paolo Borrometi

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Stolen a hard-drive and paper documents from the journalist’s archive, which defines the episode as “disturbing”

Baltic. For photographs of teens with shotguns, death threats to an italian photographer


“You’re a dead man,” they say on the phone to Tommaso Clavarino. Spokesperson of the ministry of Estonia defines him a useful idiot. Solidarity from Assostampa Subalpina

Immigration. Andrea Palladino denigrated on Facebook

Andrea Palladino

Insults and threatening expressions from a leader of the right-wing association Generazione Identitaria for his articles on the weekly Famiglia Cristiana

Night intrusion in the offices of “Avvenire di Calabria”

Avvenire di Calabria

Unknown persons entered the newsroom in Reggio Calabria, breaking in from the front door, but they did not take away anything. The incident was notified to the

Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. July 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Press and Media Freedom in Leipzig (ECPMF)

Bad News | Tuesday September 8

Bad News | Tuesday September 8

Top News of the Week from Ossigeno per l’Informazione KLAUS DAVI: “Calabria? A goldmine! But I’m alone in exploring it” Dossier by Raffaella Della Morte, Matteo Finco



KLAUS DAVI: “Calabria? A goldmine! But I’m alone in exploring it” by Raffaella Della Morte, Matteo Finco e Alberto Spampinato Klaus Davi, journalist and marketing and mass

Klaus Davi, boss sons write to me: “I am also a homosexual”


Interviewed by Ossigeno, he talked about how his sexual orientations – publicly declared – affect his work in Calabria, with surprising results