Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. October 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Freedom of Information and Press in Leipzig

Journalists. Minister do the first step to stop attacks


The Coordination Centre is a measure that has long been invoked by Ossigeno. Therefore the Observatory thanks FNSI, OdG and the Minister of the Interior

Defamation. After 8 years reporters and chief editor of “Panorama” not guilty

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Andrea Marcenaro, Riccardo Arena and Giorgio Mulé were sentenced in the first-degree to custodial sentences following charges from former Prosecutor of Palermo Mr Messineo

After the Ostia attack what else will happen?


This year a further 112 journalists have been attacked in Rome and its surroundings and up until now the authorities have not taken any measures

Alarm in Rome: in the capital 30% of all attacks


The Observatory relays the emergence of attacks on information providers in the Lazio region, drawing attention to what is happening in the Capital city

All the best to “l’Espresso” for the good battle of information

Marco Damilano da

The new chief editor, Marco Damilano, quotes the data from Ossigeno per l’Informazione on “256 journalists who in Italy in 2017 have been subjected to intimidation”

Alarm in Rome. Spampinato: monitoring is fundamental

Alberto Spampinato

The Director of the Observatory said so at the second initiative for the World Day for ending impunity against journalists

Alarm in Rome. Benchelah (Unesco), doubled number of harassments against women journalists


The representative of the UN Agency outlined the program of courses aimed at judges and law enforcement officers for the security of reporters

UNESCO, 930 journalists killed. 90% total impunity


The message sent for the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists (IDEI) on November 2

Impunity. Marini (Odg): Ossigeno rings loud a real alarm bell


The president of the National Order of Journalists stated so in a message to the conference on unpunished attacks. Solidarity with family members of killed reporters

Impunity. Grasso: the greatest threat is loneliness

Pietro Grasso

So the President of the Senate Pietro Grasso has intervened at the Ossigeno and ASR Conference. “The international character of the event reflects the problem’s dimension”

Impunity. Laura Boldrini, protect investigative journalism better


It is also necessary for Italy. To pass the norms that have been in waiting for years for discouraging claims and spurious libel lawsuits