8th May How to protect journalists? An assessment in the Rome town hall


First results of the Ossigeno-Agcom seminar, under the patronage of UNESCO in collaboration with the NGO Lazio, attended by 220 journalists.

8th May Spampinato – Attacks on journalists are a permanent problem


  The data from Agcom and Ossigeno which are complementary indicate that it is not an emergency. Our pioneering experience is the most advanced in Europe, pre-dates

3rd May Homage at the House of Jazz paid to mafia victims and journalists killed

Representatives of institutions and journalists were united on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day. A sober and meaningful meeting. Homage paid at the Muro della

Puglia: “No photos” they tell a photo-journalist and attempt to assault him

da Corriere Salentino

Toti Bello was at Acquarica del Capo (Lecce) documenting the action of firemen putting out a fire in an apartment

Turin: Four months for the reporter who followed the “No Tav” demonstrators

Davide Falcioni

The reporter was held culpable for assisting in trespassing through having entered the offices of a company. The events took place in August 2012.

Bari: Bank manager asks for 750 000 euro damages from Gazzetta


The two journalists, the author and the editor, received a demand for compensation in relation to three articles claimed to be defamatory.

Brescello: Stone thrown against the car of the TG2 news team


Giammarco Sicuro and his technicians were shooting video of several buildings confiscated from criminal gangs. The windscreen was damaged

Paolo Borrometi: Who is the journalist who is so bothersome?

Paolo Borrometi

Founder of the website La Spia, with legal training, has lived for four years with a police escort. With his investigations Paolo Borrometi has documented the active

Borrometi: Five years of insults, threats and attacks

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This reconstruction of the most serious attacks against the Sicilian journalist because of his articles was published on the 11th April 2018 by Agenzia Italia.

Borrometi: “Whoever says that the mafia doesn’t exist condemns me to death”

Foto conferenza Borrometi Fnsi

Borrometi’s appeal to journalists during the conference on the 11th April in Rome. “You are not alone” said the presidents of FNSI, Ordine and Usigrai announcing initiatives

Paolo Borrometi: How a mafian plan has been discovered and thwarted

Paolo Borrometi

Several legal phone-tappings revealed that the businessmen and a gang leader, whose deals had been exposed, planned for two months how to kill the journalist.

A bullet for Federica Angeli who will be again a key witness

Federica Angeli

  On the 19th April 2018 there will be a session of the trial in which the Spada family members of Ostia (Rome) are accused of attempted