Press Freedom Under Threat. OSSIGENO at Ghent University. October 10

Ossigeno organize an international seminar with students and journalists about tools to monitor attacks against media and operators

Rome. Stolen documents and archives from home of Paolo Borrometi

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Stolen a hard-drive and paper documents from the journalist’s archive, which defines the episode as “disturbing”

Baltic. For photographs of teens with shotguns, death threats to an italian photographer


“You’re a dead man,” they say on the phone to Tommaso Clavarino. Spokesperson of the ministry of Estonia defines him a useful idiot. Solidarity from Assostampa Subalpina

Night intrusion in the offices of “Avvenire di Calabria”

Avvenire di Calabria

Unknown persons entered the newsroom in Reggio Calabria, breaking in from the front door, but they did not take away anything. The incident was notified to the



KLAUS DAVI: “Calabria? A goldmine! But I’m alone in exploring it” by Raffaella Della Morte, Matteo Finco e Alberto Spampinato Klaus Davi, journalist and marketing and mass

Agcom. Report 2017. Under scrutiny pluralism and fake news


The annual report gives reassurances on the Itedi-L’Espresso merger, confirms the newspaper’s sales crisis, and launches a wide-ranging reflection. Sky is the first TV operator

Latina. Facebook. Closed lawsuit against Saviano and Federica Angeli


To denounce the journalist and the writer was the president of the association Cittadini Contro Le Mafie e La Corruzione (Citizens against Mafias and Corruption) for a

Confalonieri-L’Espresso. Even the Supreme Court sides with the weekly


The President of Mediaset accused journalists of having arbitrarily published investigative documents. The Court states that a short quotation is not a misdemeanour

Searches. Torino procurator says he’s sorry, but debate rages

Gianluca Paolucci

Spataro admitted the mistake of the judiciary and returned the seized material to Gianluca Paolucci. The daily Il Foglio asks: what happens to a Magistrate that makes

Mafia. It is not up to judges to say if its in Rome or not

antitesi mafia informazione 1

Some reflections on the dust raised around the ruling that sentenced Carminati and others charged with heavy penalties but without the aggravating circumstances of the mafia method

Parma. Consortium files lawsuit against animal-rights activists. Web page seized


The association “Essere Animali” had published a video about suspected abuses on pigs. It appealed to the Review Tribunal

Naples. Journalist denounces stalking but does not receive protection

Gennaro Del Giudice

Gennaro Del Giudice (Cronaca Flegrea) denounced five death threats from a man wanting the publishing of articles about him