Ossigeno. 423 Journalists threatened in Italy in 2017

423 minacciati 2017

Many episodes certified by the Observatory, which specifies: it is only 6% of the total. The names, the types of attack, the percentages. The alarm on Lazio

Reporter of “Striscia la Notizia” films drug trafficking. Attacked 5 times in a month


Vittorio Brumotti and his crew were attacked in Rome, Padua, Milan and Bologna, between October 31st and December 2nd. After his services arrested some pushers

Calabria health commissioner asks 1 million euro to reporter. Court says no


The Civil Court of Catanzaro declared it. Massimo Scura had denounced Adriano Mollo of the Quotidiano del Sud for defamation

Freedom of research. Eni condemned for spurious litigation, requesting 5 million

Albina Colella

The company will have to pay 50 thousand euros to the geologist Albina Colella (University of Basilicata) cited for defamation. She comments: “I’m doing a dangerous job”

Reggio Emilia. “Go away”. Reporter threatened twice in a few days


For investigation on a murder scene, they told her: “Go away or you’ll end up the same way!”. After an arson attack: “Go away or we’ll smash

Immigrant trafficking. In Palermo interviewed collaborator of the “Guardian”

Lorenzo Tondo (facebook)

Lorenzo Tondo has discovered that two phone calls have been transcribed in the files of the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office with one of his sources. Presented a

Italy. The most dangerous news from Ossigeno. November 2017


This monthly review of acts of intimidation in Italy is produced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione for the European Center for Freedom of Information and Press in Leipzig

Seized data archives from 2 reporters, for articles on secret services


Nicola Borzi (Il Sole 24 Ore) and Francesco Bonazzi (La Verità) had written: they operate on bank accounts of the Popolare di Vicenza. FNSI and OdG: seizure

Wiretaps. What will change with the decree? Opinions compared


Review of the opinions on the effects that the new legislation waiting for approval will have on journalistic activity

Far right militants of the Forza Nuova group threaten “la Repubblica” and “L’Espresso”


Militants who had their faces covered, brandishing smoking cans, shouted insults and punctuated a “declaration of war” to those journalists who criticized the movement

Ossigeno Conference: Malta and “the journalism which disturbs nobody”


Many problems were highlighted on the 6th December 2017 at the University of Valletta. Among the speakers, Ricardo Gutierrez (EFJ) and the Maltese journalist Herman Grech

In Malta they say: Daphne had been looking for it

Herman Grech

Herman Grech, journalist of the online Times of Malta, referred to it at a seminar organised by Ossigeno at the University in Valletta