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Monza. Judgment overturned. Former mayor to pay legal expenses to “l’Espresso”

Fabrizio Gatti

Giacinto Mariani had cited Fabrizio Gatti and the newspaper for an article on the infiltration of the Casalesi clan in the in Brianza province. In the first

Calabria. Cited reporter. Public prosecutor requests calumny


Adriana Musella, president of the “Riferimenti” antimafia association, falsely accused Alessia Candito (Corriere della Calabria) of having stolen data from her computer

Defamation. Web. Seized 2 articles of Marilù Mastrogiovanni

Marilù Mastrogiovanni

The inquiry into waste management in Salento was published in Il Tacco d’Italia in March. Also obscured the related posts on the Facebook page

Calabria health commissioner asks 1 million euro to reporter. Court says no


The Civil Court of Catanzaro declared it. Massimo Scura had denounced Adriano Mollo of the Quotidiano del Sud for defamation

Freedom of research. Eni condemned for spurious litigation, requesting 5 million

Albina Colella

The company will have to pay 50 thousand euros to the geologist Albina Colella (University of Basilicata) cited for defamation. She comments: “I’m doing a dangerous job”

Legal fees. Verna holds onto Odg Tuscany-Ossigeno agreement

Carlo Verna

It foresees legal assistance for a journalist sued spuriously and whose legal expenses are not covered by his publisher. Carlo Bartoli: it is a strategic battle

“Libero” offensive headlines. Belpietro acquitted

Maurizio Belpietro

The Coordination of the Islamic associations of Milan and Monza contested the title “Islamic Bastards”, published in 2015 after the attacks in Paris

Italy. Gentiloni: “We have to do more for press freedom”


The President of the Council of Ministry said so during the press conference of the end of the year, replying to the speech of the president of

BAD NEWS | Wednesday December 13

BAD NEWS | Wednesday December 13

The Ossigeno’s review. Last news about attacks and violations of freedom of the press in Italy and other countries and about initiatives to tackle the issue

“I did not aid the red brigades” and asks for damages. No from Supreme Court


He was arrested in 2001 for subversive association and La Stampa defined him a terrorist. Seven years ago he asked 260 thousand euros. Released from charges former

“Die Zeit”: about why now Petra Reski talks about mafia only in her novels

Petra Resky Photo cortesy Copyright Shobba

Christof Siemes explains how a journalist has decided to face the restrictions that the German law imposes on reporting

Defamation. After 8 years reporters and chief editor of “Panorama” not guilty

pal giustizia pa 130523

Andrea Marcenaro, Riccardo Arena and Giorgio Mulé were sentenced in the first-degree to custodial sentences following charges from former Prosecutor of Palermo Mr Messineo