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Marco Benanti did not defame Montante who had asked for 100,000 euro damages

Marco Benanti

The court rejected the demand of the former president of the Sicilian chapter of Confindustria ordering him to pay the legal expenses of the journalist

Bologna: A lawsuit for an article yet the entire blog is blacked-out


After 4 days the prosecutor took better aim and blacked out only the disputed text. The barrister, Di Pietro defined the measure as disproportionate.

Free legal aid: why is Ossigeno defending D’Agostino


The free legal aid office of Ossigeno has decided to provide legal aid to the reporter Mauro D’Agostino to whom the publisher of the online newspaper

Sicily: Lirio Abbate absolved in the dispute with the assessor of the economy

Lirio Abbate

After six years, the claim ruled to have no merit. The deputy director of L’Espresso had been sued by Gaetano Armao for an article on salary limits.

Vicenza. Roi Foundation renounces to request of one million for compensation


The new president signed a transaction with the VicenzaPiù newspaper. In 2016 the former president of the Foundation, Giovanni Zonin, had mentioned the chied editor Giovanni Coviello

Defamation. Decision to review the sentence for reporter of the Caserta area


During the presentation of a book, in 2013, he had launched accusations for alleged wrongdoings around the waste disposal business by three local brothers

Veneto. Region asks 410,000 euro in compensation to Vicenzapiù


The Veneto Region has filed a lawsuit against the online publication VicenzaPiù to the court of Venice. The former chief editor Giovanni Coviello and the publisher –

The Genchi Case. The book that overcame seven trials and got sentenced once

caso genchi

Defamation allegations, violation of privacy and professional secrecy: all the judicial proceedings that Edoardo Montolli had to face. An emblematic story

The Genchi Case. What is it about. The story and its protagonists


Who is Gioacchino Genchi, what investigations did he do, what is he accused of, when was he acquitted. Who is the author of the book about him

The Genchi Case. The eight trials in short


The summary of the judicial proceedings faced by Edoardo Montolli after the publication of the book that reconstructs the misadventures of the former deputy commissioner of Palermo

Video. Montolli, on “The Genchi Case”: sanctioned my right to criticize


In this interview with Matteo Finco, the journalist Edoardo Montolli, author of the book “Il Caso Genchi”, says what precautions he took before the publication of the

Vatican. Cardinal Maradiaga insults journalist of weekly l’Espresso

Il giornalista Emiliano Fittipaldi

Emiliano Fittipaldi writes that the cardinal received in Honduras millions of undocumented euros. He replies: spent for works of charity