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Potenza: Sexist insults toward a political reporter of “Roma”


The journalist was following the activities of the municipal council. A note left on the windscreen of the car and an intimidating phone call to an editor

Mafia Capitale. New attack against Lirio Abbate at the appeals trial

Lirio Abbate

Carminati’s attorney has again mocked the deputy editor in chief of L’Espresso who replies: so I’ve become a target. Solidarity with the journalist from Ossigeno and Fnsi

Fb. Reporter threatened by far-right group user

arianna giunti

On December 8, 2017, the journalist Arianna Giunti was insulted threateningly within the “secret group” on Facebook “I have not betrayed”. An unidentifiable user as hidden behind

Premier of Albania discredits “Le Iene” report, then backtracks


He had defined as “trash” a report on child laborers in his country. Then he admitted he had spoken without having seen them, but did not apologize

Rome. Journalist insulted during M5S protest


Veronica Altimari (RomaToday) was targeted by activists who contested in Piazza Montecitorio the debate on the electoral law in the Lower House

Rimini. A Rainews24 journalist insulted at M5s conference

Enrica Agostini

Enrica Agostini and two operators wanted to interview Senator Morra. In addition to whistles and screams, activists tried to stop video footage

Mafia. Elections in Avola. Borrometi insulted on Facebook

© Facebook

Two people have targeted him after an article on the municipal elections in Avola (in the province of Syracuse)

Social network. Gender insults on the web against two journalists

da sinistra: Antonella Napoli e Tea Sisto

Antonella Napoli and Tea Sisto expressed their support for the integration of migrants. Solidarity from politicians and journalists

Klaus Davi. Insults and aggressions. Four cases referred by Ossigeno

© Wikipedia

His television inquiry in Calabria is a race with many obstacles, punctuated by aggressions, warnings, threats, insults, lawsuits

Campania. Facebook. Requests damages and receives insults

Salvatore Minieri

Salvatore Minieri had voiced doubts about articles about millions of euros for a fire in a storehouse of electrical appliances. Solidarity from ODG Campania

The brother of Vanessa Marzullo: “Journalists infamous and vile”

Vanessa e Greta

Journalists are “the category of workers that is the most vile and infamous. Vanessa did not release any interview” Mario Marzullo, brother of Vanessa, a volunteer kidnapped

Heavy insults against reporter of TV show Servizio Pubblico


Former editor under investigation for multiple crimes, has verbally attacked Luca Bertazzoni: “You fucking communist”