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Borrometi: Five years of insults, threats and attacks

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This reconstruction of the most serious attacks against the Sicilian journalist because of his articles was published on the 11th April 2018 by Agenzia Italia.

Arzano: “Silence” a man with a pistol orders a journalist


Giuseppe Bianco was in his car outside his house. The reporter of Il Roma was examining the possible infiltration of organised crime in the recent local elections.

Le Iene Video Marilù Mastrogiovanni writes – they threaten.

Marilù Mastrogiovanni

Interviewed by Gaetano Pecoraro, the journalist explains why she has left her home in Casarano (Lecce) and recounts the numerous threats received.

Rome. Banner with sexist insults against reporter of Il Messaggero


Found in Rome at the plant that prints the newspaper. The journalist deals with news related to the world of hooliganism

Jan Kuciak. Mistery surrounding the warnings from Italy

Foto da Articolo21

Why did the chief of the Slovakian police deny that warnings had been received from Italian judges concerning the ‘Ndrangheta structures ?

Taranto. Threatened a reporter. Sentenced to 20 months of prison


It is the penalty, without suspension, that Michele Cagnazzo will have to serve due to the aggravated threats to the detriment of the journalist Alessandra Macchitella, collaborator

Facebook. Sent images of bombs to Paolo Borrometi

Paolo Borrometi

On January 15, 2018 the journalist, editor of the online publication, received insults and threats through the social network

Sava (Taranto). Mimmo Carrieri denounces new threats

carrieri mimmo 2015

A confidential source told him: “They want to break your legs”. The journalist has been receiving warnings for some time. Since 2012 he has been under the

Journalists. 28 intimidations detected by Ossigeno in November


The complaints and legal actions were almost a third of the total. Published the names and details

Arrested the man that threatened Borrometi saying: “I’ll slaughter you”

Paolo Borrometi

A few days after the threats on Facebook. Applied the aggravating circumstance of the Mafia method, as was the case for Ostia

Impunity. Just 1% of threatened journalists gets justice, Ossigeno per l’Informazione reports


This is the percentage of attackers that have been condemned for their threats. This and other findings are presented by Ossigeno that has been collecting data for

Sicily. Verbal threats to a journalist who writes of a drugs investigation


Giuseppe Spallino was stopped in the street in Castelbuono and attacked by a couple involved in the investigation