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Sicily. Verbal threats to a journalist who writes of a drugs investigation


Giuseppe Spallino was stopped in the street in Castelbuono and attacked by a couple involved in the investigation

Klaus Davi. Insults and aggressions. Four cases referred by Ossigeno

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His television inquiry in Calabria is a race with many obstacles, punctuated by aggressions, warnings, threats, insults, lawsuits

In Brussels the “Italian Case” of unfounded and false lawsuits

From left: Vantorre, Gutierrez, Spampinato, Franciosi - Photo by Bruno Mariani,

On the 27th October on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity Ossigeno presented to the Press Club its e-book dossier, “Shut up or I’ll sue!” 

Sardinia. Death threats to Casteddu online reporter


Jacopo Norfo has published an inquiry into the recruitment of public administrators in Cagliari made of relatives and friends of politicians of the SEL party. The director

Alarm from order of journalists: too many threats


On May 19, the National Council has asked the institutions to monitor and punish those responsible. Cited the latest cases in Calabria and Campania

Pino Maniàci. Why Ossigeno is correcting its counter


The judicial inquiry and the suspicion of simulation of killing his dogs. How does the Observatort behave in such cases. The precedents

Press freedom is decreasing, says Commissioner for Human Rights

Nils Muiznieks

On the eve of World Press Freedom Day, Nils Muiznieks paints a worrying international situation and makes proposals to reverse the trend. Interview with Oxygen

Italy. Better protection to journalists, OSCE Representative urges

Mijatovic a Vienna

Too many attacks against them. Trend of intimidation and threats must be reversed, OSCE Representative says to the italian authorities. Letters to Italian Foreign Minister

Italy. The most dangerous news of June 2015 reported by Ossigeno

Italy. The most dangerous news of June 2015 reported by Ossigeno

Monthly review of news on acts of intimidation, created by Ossigeno for the European Centre for Prres and Media Freedom of Leipzig (ECPMF) with the support of

Agcom on threats to journalists. Dramatic difference between regions


A map of spatial data on intimidation produced by the Observatory Ossigeno per l’Informazione and developed by the Authority for Communications

Italy. The most dangerous news by Ossigeno. May 2015

Italy. The most dangerous news by Ossigeno. May 2015

The first monthly report created by Ossigeno with the support of the European Union for the European Centre for Freedom of the Press and Media of Leipzig (ECPMF)

Ragusa. Threats to Borrometi. Police is investigation and weapons seizure


Searches and charges against authors of Facebook threats against journalists; some with a criminal record. Order of Journalists of Sicily thanks prefect and police commissioner